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Soxx: the killer bunny Soxx: the killer bunny

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

jhonen vasquez mixed with happy tree friends

you can tell from a mile off that you insperation was jhonen vasquez, and the filler bunnys you added in, the invador zin text and the squee extra confirmed my suspicions. you really should send this to jhonen as i am sure he would like it, or be very angry that you ripped off johnny the homocidal maniac.

anyway to the review

Graphics: exelent graphics, reaking of comic book style but soxx having no mouth movement brings it down a little bit.

style: it totally rips of roman dirge with lenor and johnny the homicidal maniac, and the idea of an evil cute animal brought happy tree friends to my head. but it is still very well done. you have made it proffesionally and directed it well. the plot seemed very ripped out of comic books but i suppose thats a good thing and newgrounds needs more cartoons like this.

Sound: the voice acting was brillient but soxx seemed a bit, well, trying to be more evil than she is. i would have made her sound more innocent.

Violence: the cartoon needed gore spewing everywere to be honest so i was a bit dissopointed that it lacked that. but what i saw was good enough, i would just make it slightly more graphic.

Interactivity: great that you added a DVD ,menu as alot of talented artists like yourself never do and when they do it just makes the animation seem more professional. the extra's although slightly boring were ok.

Humor: not as funny as it could of been but it made me chuckle a few times.

overall: an exelent cartoon that deserves a higher score and could be a really popular series on newgrounds

P.S please make that squee toon i'd love to see that poor little dude animated, bless him

Insanity vs Drugs Insanity vs Drugs

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i wouldnt of rated it high but i took of my socks like u told me and my feet went all tingaly. THANX!!

BareNakedSneepioo responds:

you're coolness just went up with 100%!!!

me <3 you

Reaching the stars Reaching the stars

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A Perfect Example Of An Oustanding Flash

Graphics: absoluetly astounding, it's hard to believe you can have actually made this in flash. well done

Style: very well done, it's the sort of style you'd expect from a good childrens T.V show which i doubt you'll find today

sound: fit's the cartoon perfectly, with a plinky plonky tune that has a good beat

violence: a bit of cartoon crashes and bumps, can't really call it violent

humor: the cartoon style fits perfectly with the light hearted humor and very good for a little chuckle

Lambi responds:

Thats one of the best review Ive ever gotten, thank you!

Moonlight Moonlight

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

tries to be something it's not

Graphics: very well done and some animation that will be hard to beat, but compared to other anime style flash cartoons doesn't measure up as well as it could have

style: the storyline was very poor, but the animation style fit it very well. but i got the feeling that it was trying to be like an "epic" flash which really it wasn't

sound: good choice of music but at some parts didn't fit what was happaning on screen, for example fast music at slow fight scenes and in a fight scene that desperatly needed music there was none. also the end as i said before tried to give it an "epic" feeling which really it wasn't

Violence: the fight scenes were good but very slow and it wasn't very violent. basically PG-13 stuff not 17+

overall: very good animation and music, but tried to be an epic which really it wasn't

arfenhouse teh movie too arfenhouse teh movie too

Rated 3 / 5 stars


it was quite a goo flash cartoon but compared to the newer random movies like i own time it is no were near as good.

jim the cronic masturb8r jim the cronic masturb8r

Rated 4 / 5 stars

definetly needs a better score

i think yuor problem was the beggining because it jst had the same scene for about 40 secs and i assume most people thought that was it but actually it's a really good and funny toon and t's obvious you've put soem effort into this so well doen.

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3D Rotating P-BOT 3D Rotating P-BOT

Rated 3 / 5 stars

are you trying?

i cant't help to think that your not trying. as you are making these quite quickly, i think what you should do is make alot then put them all in one big cartoon called newgrounds characters in 3.D. then you wil not only get a higher score and a chance of a portal award you will not be spamming NG with these submissions as the only reason they are gettign through realy is the fact that they have popular NG characters in them. anyway dont let this review put you off and keep up the good work

LackOfGrace responds:


i work like this..
i am currently working on a thing with all those charcters.. with more animation than spinning around..
but to keep working i need good response.... to keep the motivation going...

ReTox's Naughty Santa ReTox's Naughty Santa

Rated 4 / 5 stars


it was good but it needed more detail NEwayz, an O.K christmas toon. also the sound is quit over acted

Revenge Revenge

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i agree

i have seen movies 10 times worse than this and with a higher score this does not deserve a measly 2.75. it reminded me alot of splinter cell actually.

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Alien Get's Doped Up! Alien Get's Doped Up!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


such a good idea wasted, actually tjhinking about it the idea sucked as well. next time actually try. this odes not deserve the score it has.

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